Had the privilege of shooting and editing this video and was fortunate enough to try the majority of these fancy items. It is fair to say I was over-caffeinated more than ever trying coffee after coffee. If you’re in the area (DTLA or San Diego) and are open to trying something other than Starbucks, check out the Loit.

From my experience, and this trend is catching on everywhere, the activated Charcoal Latte is one of their signature drinks. It doesn’t have a coffee buzz however it was friendly to the taste buds. It is obviously intriguing because of the dark charcoal color. Not something I’d try unless it was recommended to me and it was, and I was not disappointed.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical thinking, “Is charcoal healthy?” After doing some research I found out activated charcoal has been used by doctors to act as a detox for drugs and severe hangovers, so it could be good after a long night? It isn’t the charcoal you use in your BBQ. It’s made from torching coconut shells until they are “carbonized” which is turned into a fine powder after steaming at a high temperature. It’s not uncommon to see it in things like shampoo and other home care or other detoxers.

If you are hungry, the Caprese Toast is out of this world! Seriously makes me salivate just thinking about it again. Literally the perfect amount of olive oil, vinegar, seasoning and greens (and I’m not a vinegar fan). Also, the Avocado Toast was pretty dank too I’m not gonna lie. Adding tomatoes and radish to the greens and Avocado Toast is a really nice touch of flavor and really makes you appreciate the avocado.

The overall atmosphere was more elegant with business vibe to it. I noticed the people on their laptops working and most of them appeared to be in meetings instead of doing homework like you see at most common coffee shops. The price scale is more expensive than Starbucks or Coffee Bean, but you get what you pay for here with good art, quality as well as a perfectly crafted beverage and/or food items.

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