Average Life

   A few months ago I had a lot of fun being the cinematographer on this dramedy short called, Average Life, the CEO of Prodis Enterprises loses everything after a bad earnings report.  Always a good time working with comedic comedy writers, the Nika Bros. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/166761301

Flying to Crestline

   Last weekend we did a Photoshoot up in Crestline and on the way up there we got some footage of the beautiful mountains and trees on a hazy day. "Rey's Theme" from The Force Awakens accompanies the video.    


As you can see when you click on my Landscapes & People tab, there are a handful of collections (mostly 35mm) from various places over the past 5 years including New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oregon, Seattle, Kauai & Maui.  The last collection is the people tab which includes some of my favorite people portraits.... Continue Reading →

13 Days in Norway

The pure beauty of sailing through the icy snow-capped Fjords in the winter, walking across the Sandnessund Bridge in Tromsø, standing atop the North Cape, the NSB train from Oslo to Bergen, flying above the Fjords of Trondheim, standing beneath the wondrous waterfalls in the Fjords of Bergen, cruising through a Marble Mine in Molde,... Continue Reading →

Landscapes & People

When I first launched this website I didn't focus on adding any of my photo work.  Why I don't know until now.  It is a medium that I've grown very familiar with over the years, especially with film.  Wordpress maxed me out on the amount of pages so I combined Landscapes & People in one tab, and... Continue Reading →

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