Porcelain Skin (Music Video)

Weird meets weirder when a stalker chases after the woman of his dreams in MoondreamzzZ newest music video titled, "Porcelain Skin." I had the pleasure of co-directing this music video with David Adesman and I know we had a lot of fun collaborating with the band during this grotesque, punk music video. Enjoy responsibly. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7XcBKu4HW2k

Average Life

   A few months ago I had a lot of fun being the cinematographer on this dramedy short called, Average Life, the CEO of Prodis Enterprises loses everything after a bad earnings report.  Always a good time working with comedic comedy writers, the Nika Bros. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/166761301


As you can see when you click on my Landscapes & People tab, there are a handful of collections (mostly 35mm) from various places over the past 5 years including New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oregon, Seattle, Kauai & Maui.  The last collection is the people tab which includes some of my favorite people portraits. … Continue reading Collections