A Brisk Taste of Iceland

It's a peculiar feeling when you visualize being in a foreign land you have never seen. Based photographs that you've glanced at you imagine the surroundings and fill in the missing dimensions within your mind. You can be close in some regards such as the colors and shapes and details of a specific landmark. When … Continue reading A Brisk Taste of Iceland

Porcelain Skin (Music Video)

Weird meets weirder when a stalker chases after the woman of his dreams in MoondreamzzZ newest music video titled, "Porcelain Skin." I had the pleasure of co-directing this music video with David Adesman and I know we had a lot of fun collaborating with the band during this grotesque, punk music video. Enjoy responsibly. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7XcBKu4HW2k

Average Life

   A few months ago I had a lot of fun being the cinematographer on this dramedy short called, Average Life, the CEO of Prodis Enterprises loses everything after a bad earnings report.  Always a good time working with comedic comedy writers, the Nika Bros. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/166761301